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The quality of the extensions is so important that we dedicated an entire page to it. Let’s jump right in. If you have any questions after reading this page feel free to contact us. The hair is:

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The origin of our extensions are Southeast Asia. In this part of the world you can find a great number of people that donate their beautiful hair.

Virgin hair has never been processed or chemically altered in any form. It has never been dyed, permed or bleached. The cuticles of our extensions are still intact. They are the most important part of a hair strain. It provides a layer of protection for the base. When cuticles are still intact it makes the extensions more durable. It also gives it a more realistic texture opposed to extensions where the cuticles are cut off. Another important factor is the direction of the cuticles. If the cuticles are all laid in the same direction it reduce the chances of tangling and matting. The hair strains don’t get a chance to rub up to one another that much. Curly hair is even more likely to matt up because of the spiral texture of the strands. Therefor we make sure that our bundles have cuticle aligned strands.

The color of donated hair can be drastically different in color because, they are natural colors. To prevent that these colors are eventually mixed within one bundle we persist in selling single donor bundles. This consist of hair that is cut from one single donor.

The bundles are double drawn. This means that we scan the bundles for hairs that are shorter then the majority within one bundle. These shorter hairs get pulled out. In the process of making Big Pumpkin Hair extensions, the bundles get scanned twice.  This eliminates the much hated stringy ends and results in full bundles from root all the way down to the ends.

The wefts of Big Pumpkin Hair are triple machine wefts. This extremely minimises the shedding as the hairs are sewed in with precaution.

To create textures to mimic natural hair, the extensions are steamed. The hair weft is hand-rolled onto  rollers depending on the desired texture. This rolling process is done by hand. Please, take note that all our textures are custom made, even the standard textures like Curly DutchessKinky Goddess  & Coily Empress. I chose to display a few textures to show the range of possibilities.


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